Book your trip or purchase a monthly pass to ride the Daniel Island Ferry as much as you’d like!

Daniel Island Ferry is launching an all new Commuter Pass for our regular riders! Beginning in September 2019, the Daniel Island Ferry will begin daily commuter trips between Daniel Island and downtown Charleston. We will have two round-trips in the morning and two round-trips in the evening during standard commuting hours. The initial schedule will be posted in August.

To ride as a commuter, individuals can purchase single day passes, monthly passes, 6-month passes, or annual passes. Passholders with month-long passes or better will receive priority booking on all daily commuter rides. The number of available passes will therefore be very limited. Don’t miss out on your chance to ride to work on the ferry – purchase your pass today!

During the sign-up process, passholders will designate their Primary Departure Point (home port) as either Daniel Island or Downtown Charleston. Once each Departure Point has reached its limit of passholders, no more passes will be sold and a waiting list will begin.

The cost of the passes is determined by the length of contract. Annual passes are billed monthly at a rate of $150; 6-month passes are billed at $175 per month and monthly passes cost $200. Our regular commuter price is $15 roundtrip and our standard leisure roundtrip price is $20, including beverages.

Based on commuting both directions daily, 20 days per month:

Annual Pass: $150 / month $3.75 per leg
6-month Pass: $175 / month $4.38 per leg
Monthly Pass: $200 / month $5.00 per leg
Daily Pass: $15 $7.50 per leg

Annual passholders commuting five days a week will pay only 46% of the daily rate, saving $2100 per year!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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